soy candles alabaster glass

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soy candles alabaster glass

Alabaster has been prized by ancient civilizations for its unique beauty and soft glow. It has always conjured up images of wealth, opulence and elegance.

Each alabaster container is uniquely crafted from recycled glass and will glow with a dream like quality. A single flame of Illuminated light  within the translucent glass will  graciously  transform these alabaster gems, warming any room and bringing with it, feelings of comfort and serenity.

Tierra Verde soy candles have at least 10 ounces of soy wax for a long burn time. Please note: The container is made from recycled glass. Much like people, no two pieces are alike in exact shape and pattern. What may appear as irregularities in the shape are a natural part of making and pouring recycled glass.

White Pearl

(Pale green glass with swirls of white)
Swirls of pearl white against the soothing background of misty green.



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(Clear glass with swirls of black)
Black velvet nights with wisps of clouds, illuminated by a full moon.





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(Clear glass with swirls of bold pink and red)
Indian summer evenings with rich hues of bold pink and hints of fiery red.




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Dark Brown

(Clear glass with swirls of dark brown)
Shades of rich, dark brown delicately streaked across a canyon landscape.



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Drop-in Refills


When you finish your candle wipe out remaining soy. With Hot water wash glass and remove old wick with spoon, dry glass. Place drop in into glass. trim wic to 1/4 inch. Light and enjoy.
Please Note: because glass is hand made, the glass will vary in size, it is acceptable for soy to be 1/8 inch above lip, as soy warms it wil slide into glass.


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soy candles alabaster glass
soy candles alabaster glass

Havana Nights Exotic, rich mysterious and smooth. Our special blend of this intoxicating scented candle will take you to another time and place of luxury and opulence.

French Lavender The scented fragrance of fresh lavender will bask you in peace and relaxation.

Lemon Grass Invigorating and up-lifting. The scent of lemon grass sets the mood for lively energy.

Pears & Pomegranates The scent of lush and fragrant fruits just picked from the orchard.

Simply Vanilla Wrap yourself in a blanket of Cashmere, which is the feeling this fragrance will bring to you. It is warm, sensual and purely soothing.

Pumpkin Spice Like the smell of grandma's pumpkin pie coming from the oven.

Cranberry Fig Tart and sweet all at the same time. Fill the air with a fragrant scent of mouthwatering cranberries and the subtle layering of fresh figs.

Bella An exotic blend of cilantroand sweet basil. the scent of summer rain on fresh herbs.

Cool Mint Cool and refreshing with smooth notes of vanilla.

Tuberose This fragrance of the sacred flower of the Aztec goddess love and beauty is lush, bold and elegant. Exceptionally sensual and inviting.

Yuzu Grapefruit No ordinary citrus here. A lively blend of mouthwatering pink grapefruit combined with the zest of Japanese Yuzu fruit.

Romanza The warm and sensual layers of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and a hint of musk, wrap your soul in a soft and soothing blanket of blissful peace.

White Gardenia Rich, full and mysterious. A beautiful, full bodied, elegant floral fragrance that adds to the mood of any room.

Bamboo Ginger Find your inner self while relaxing with this soothing scent of fresh cut bamboo laced with newly grated fresh white ginger.

Mandarin Spice ticks of cinnamon with undertones of fresh Mandarin orange with a hint of allspice. Dream of the possibilities.

Eucalyptus Rosemary The perfect harmony of refreshing eucalyptus and earthly rosemary. Relax, enjoy and breathe.

Green Tea Complex and fresh. Wisps of green tea fragrance create a sense of well being and comfort. Relax and breathe.

Walk in the Woods You're sure you have meandered down a high Sierra trail when you light this fabulous fragrance. Pine, fir and cedar will fill the air with the earthly scents of the mountain trees.

Harvest Gold Just like a simmering pot of cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg and fresh orange peel will fill the room with this great fall fragrance. This one will bring out your creative and imaginative side.

Cypress Rain Sit on the cliff, breathe in the ocean air, the fragrant cypress trees and dream. This is Monterey Cypress, combining gentle layers of cypress, pine and lily of the valley, blended into an intoxicating and relaxing scent.

Cedar Illuminate your Cedar alabaster candle and know that all you hope for is yours now. Fresh cedar wood infused with mountain sage make up this relaxing yet full fragrance.

Unscented For those who love the beautiful glow of the alabaster glass but want no fragrance. A lovely addition to any centerpiece for an evening of dinning.

For all inquiries about orders outside the Continental borders of the US: Please contact us at for shipping rates and other information.

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soy candles alabaster glass


"I love your candles and have purchased several of them, it was not until one night I forgot to blow one out before turning out the lights that I realized how beautiful they truly are." ~ Beverley

"WOW! I thought the Yuzu and Pink Grapefruit was fantastic but now after having the Fresh Lemon Grass I can not decide which one I like more. Thank you for creating such fabulous fragrances." ~ Janie

"I recently purchased a Gardenia candle from you and my Mom liked it so much, I am ordering one for her. We are now Tierra Verde life long customers." ~ Annie

"Amazing. I have never burned soy candles before one of your candles was given to me as a gift. Not only is the Romanza fragrance unbelievably sensual, the container is beautiful and the candle burns so long . . . . .I have not finished with it yet and have it in burning in my room for weeks." ~ Stephanie

If you would like to share a story about our soy candles - click here. Thank you!

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soy candles alabaster glass
soy candles alabaster glass

Tierra Verde Soy Candle Company evolved from an idea that as brother and sister team, we could combine our skills and create simple yet luxurious products that would enhance and transform the environment of any home and still "Make a Difference" to the planet. Our name, Tierra Verde means "Green Earth" and in the creation of our business it was our goal to create and market beautiful products, be committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence while supporting sustainability of the planet.

We believe Tierra Verde Soy Candle Company is setting the standard for eco friendly soy candles in all that we do. After months of research and testing, we have found the perfect combination of glass, soy, fragrances and packaging to offer to our valued customers while supporting and participating in the sustainability of our planet.

At Tierra Verde Soy Candle Company believe that we can help change the world one product at a time. We know that by creating a successful "Green" business, we can inspire others to do the same. We support sustainable agriculture by using renewable resources, utilize recycled glass, incorporate biodegradable products and have reduced and/or eliminated unnecessary packaging.

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Thank you very much for being apart of Tierra Verde Soy Candle Company success.

Soy Candles

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Alabaster Glass
•   White Pearl
•   Black
•   Red
•   Dark Brown

Soy Candle Fragrances
•   Bamboo Ginger
•   Bella
•   Cedar
•   Cool Mint
•   Cranberry Fig
•   Cypress Rain
•   Eucalyptus Rosemary
•   Green Tea
•   Harvest Gold
•   Havana Nights
•   French Lavender
•   Lemon Grass
•   Mandarin Spice
•   Pears & Pomegranates
•   Pumpkin Spice
•   Romanza
•   Simply Vanilla
•   Tuberose
•   Walkin the Woods
•   White Gardenia
•   Yuzu Grapefruit
•   Unscented


100% Pure Soy Candle
100% Pure Soy Candles in Livermore, Ca by Lonzo Designs